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The Voice (2011)


Description: Stars Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton lend their expert advice to stardom hopefuls in a singing competition like no other. Hosted by Carson Daly.

Serious Jest:  (Time Filler) I am NOT an American Idol fan, but I do love music.

After the first round, I had this show as a 5-beer hit.  What grabbed me was the emphasis on actual vocal talent, the inclusion of different kinds of music (not just pop), and the actual talent of the judges/coaches.  I also like how the rules change up a bit every round.  In the first round, the judges can’t see the contestants; they have to pick them based purely on their voice.  Then, if more than one judge/coach turns around for a contestant, that contestant gets to pick whose team he/she wants to be on.

However, after the first round, the show began to take on more of the American Idol qualities that I dislike.  As decisions began to be made by at-home viewers, the music began to consist more and more of that pop/jazz/r&b/hip-hop/rock/kitchen sink style that aims to please everyone, but just sounds like something that would be playing in an elevator.  I love the fact that the artists get to debut their original songs in finals, but I did not enjoy any of the songs because they tried to go too mainstream.

This show is only in its first season, so I’m curious what changes will be made to the rules for next year.  I hope that next year, in the blind auditions, they put the judges’ chairs out of each other’s sight lines, so that they can’t tell who else has turned around.  Also, I was hoping they would have rotating coaches for next year (maybe only the winner gets to stay) , but all four were recently signed to a second season; it’s cool, though, they’re pretty solid.

Finally, some of the renditions of famous songs sung by the contestants are good enough to download from iTunes or re-watch on Hulu.  Here’s some I actually listen to as stand-alone songs:

CraigMakk: animated beer mug 25% (transparent bkgrd) (Cruel & Unusual Punishment) This is a horrendous show, in every conceivable way. I should probably point out that I hate reality shows. As in to say that I think reality shows offer no redeeming value of any sort. Now, that is not to say that I don’t see some value to the skills that some of these reality show  contestants may bring to the table. But after watching one and a half episodes of this abysmal show, I only had one thought: “These contestants aren’t even as good as the crap first-rounders on American Idol,”…and that is bad. As in, “You shouldn’t be on TV, and should probably be ashamed that you conned someone along the way into believing otherwise,” bad. I honestly feel a bit sad that the horrendous judges have to pretend that they aren’t listening to the vocal equivalent of  animals deciding that cannibalizing their young is a solid decision to make kind of a thing. What I’m saying is, please don’t watch this show. The best thing that can happen is you won’t suffer an embolism or massive heart attack while watching. Find a show with actual acting and talent…you’ll be glad you did.


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