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My Name is Bruce (2006)

(R) 84 minutes

Synopsis: Mistaken for the character he plays in the Evil Dead films, B-movie icon Bruce Campbell (playing himself) is kidnapped by the citizens of a small mining town who want him to save them from a vengeful demon. At first, Campbell thinks it’s all part of an elaborate prank. But when he realizes the demon is in fact real, he comes face to face with a second terrifying enemy — his own fear. Ted Raimi co-stars in this tongue-in-cheek comedy.

Director: Bruce Campbell

Serious Jest:  (Don’t Bother)  I’m not gonna lie: I briefly thought about giving this movie 3 beer mugs, because I am a fan of the Evil Dead movies and Bruce Campbell.  The film is campy (purposefully bad), Bruce Campbell was totally not afraid to make fun of himself, and it was short.  While the movie kept a smirk on my face longer than expected, though, I ultimately cannot in good conscience recommend setting aside 84 minutes to watch an older, fatter Bruce Campbell battle a bean curd demon.  However, this movie still gets 2 very full beer mugs, and may not be a bad move for you if you like Bruce Campbell, are drinking, are in the mood to watch a campy or bad movie and make fun of it, and/or are doing something else and have this on in the background.


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