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True Blood (2008-Present)


Plot Summary: In this critically acclaimed HBO series, mind-reading waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin, in a Golden Globe-winning role) dives into a complicated relationship when she falls for vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) in a world where the undead live openly and drink synthetic blood. As the couple’s steamy courtship progresses, strange happenings occur in and around their small town of Bon Temps, LA, that threaten Sookie and her loved ones.

Creator: Alan Ball

Serious Jest:  (Worth Watching)  Watch this show from the first episode of the first season, in order, and, as long as you don’t hate vampire stories,  you’ll be hooked.  Just when you’ve been amazed by one awesome storyline, another one jumps off.  This show effectively addresses current real-life controversies, such as racism, xenophobia, and right-wing religion, through the entertaining analogies of vampire conflicts.  And even if you’re not really into vampires, there’s rumors of plenty of other supernatural life around Bon Temps to keep you interested.

True Blood is one of the few instances where the show is better than the book.  The Sookie Stackhouse novels are told from the viewpoint of a young female, and, in some parts, read more like a romance novel.  HBO managed to take the most genius aspects of the story, and make them enjoyable for a much wider audience (including guys).  And let me not forget to say that HBO packed this series with a bunch of gorgeous women and ripped men, so both guys and girls alike can enjoy the plentiful nude scenes.

Unfortunately, all of the above applies to the 1st Season, but less so for every new season that comes out.  By the end of the 4th Season, the show seems to have shifted gears to cater to those who enjoy supermarket romance novels and Twilight–this show is no longer better than I imagine the books would be if I read past the first one.  Not only does the show seem to focus more on the character’s love triangles than storylines, but the script/plots seem thoughtlessly thrown together: dilemmas are solved through easy, illogical solutions, to the point where you feel like the show is playing with the net down.  Even the sex scenes don’t have the same “umph” (pun definitely intended).

I would have given the 1st Season a strong 5 mugs; it was one of my favorite TV shows ever.  The 4th Season was a strong 2 mugs for me, at best, though–I considered not watching it anymore, but I’ve come this far, and it’s still entertaining, despite its hokiness.  However, I don’t look forward to every episode, like I used to.  I gave the series a weak 3 mugs overall only due to the strength of the earlier seasons (Okay, really Season 1 and halfway through 2).  This series is worth watching, but you may want to consider watching just the 1st Season and quitting while you’re ahead.

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