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Gamer (2009)

(R) 95 mins

Synopsis: It’s 2034, and humans can control and kill each other in a large-scale online gaming world. But Kable (Gerard Butler), a wrongfully convicted soldier forced to join the violent competition, tries to free himself by taking out its evil architect, Ken (Michael C. Hall). While being controlled by a rich kid (Logan Lerman), Kable must also save his wife, Angie (Amber Valletta), who’s trapped in her own avatar world.

Director: Mark NeveldineBrian Taylor

Serious Jest:  (Worth Watching) Excellent concept (an innovation from The Running Man), great cast (even more noteable actors than mentioned above, who do a great job), cool 80s-meets-future soundtrack, and impressive special effects.  However,  the actual plot development and total storyline were mediocre.  Maybe this film tried to fit too many sub-plots into 95 minutes, and ended up superficially hitting everything.  Characters were underdeveloped, and, consequently, great actors were underused.  I feel like this film would have been better as a Home Box Office (HBO) series (kind of like a futuristic Spartacus).


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