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The Bodyguard (2004)

(NR) 105 mins

Synopsis: With plenty of martial arts action and a hefty dose of Thai humor, this crime comedy tells the story of hapless personal bodyguard Wong Kom (writer-director Petchtai Wongkamlao).  When his failure to protect his boss, successful businessman Choti, leads to the magnate’s death, Choti’s son fires Wong.  But he soon has a chance to redeem himself when a gang of clumsy hit men — intent on gaining control of Choti’s fortune — targets the son.

Directors: Petchtai WongkamlaoPanna Rittikrai

Serious Jest:  (Rental)  DISCLAIMER:  I have an appreciation for Hong Kong action films and campy movies (if done right); and this film is a Thai version of a Hong Kong film, and more campy than a 10-yr-old Modern Warfare player (FPS gamers will understand the pun).  If you share my tastes, this is one you should make time to see at some point in your life.  Get your drink on and get ready to laugh at this movie, with the confidence that the directors are doing a lot of crazy (and some pretty cool) stuff on purpose.  Ignore the cover, though: Tony Jaa is NOT the main character in this movie, by far, so I’m telling you right now do not expect another Ong Bak, other than maybe a couple of the same cast members.


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