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The League (2009-Present)

The League


Plot Summary: Semi-scripted comedy about a fantasy football league.

Creators: Jeff SchafferJackie Marcus Schaffer

Stars: Mark DuplassNick Kroll and Jonathan Lajoie 

Serious Jest:  (Queue It)  If you are a fantasy football fan, or even the significant other of an out-of-control fantasy football fan, this show is a can’t miss.  The first season was funny, but obviously not written contemporaneously with the real football season, so some of the football jokes were not as relevant.  The second season stepped it up, though.  You could literally laugh at some of the same discussions that were happening in your real-life league (I even noticed that the actual words said in the episodes were updated even more than the close captions).  You don’t have to know football to enjoy this show, though.  In fact, most of the show is centered around a wack-job band of friends held together by their competitiveness; football could just as easily be replaced by poker, handball, or Monopoly, for that matter.

The fact that the show is only semi-scripted is even more impressive (Jeff Schaffer has a solid resume in semi-scripted comedy, having been an executive producer and writer on Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, as well as a director on Curb).  Some episodes are so outrageously funny, I laughed out loud in a room by myself.  I am looking forward to watching Season Three while I compete for my own league championship again this year, and another solid season could step my rating up to 5 mugs…especially if I get some good roster tips out of it…


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