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Hereafter (2010)

(PG-13) 129 mins

Plot Summary: A drama centered on three people–a blue-collar American, a French journalist and a London school boy–who are touched by death in different ways.

Director: Clint Eastwood

Writer: Peter Morgan

Stars: Matt DamonCécile De France, and Bryce Dallas Howard

Best Boy Grip (London): Dean Morris

Best Boy Grip (San Francisco): Doug Wall

CraigMakk:  (Worth Watching)  This movie is worth watching if you are at all interested in religion, heaven, the afterlife, or any related keyword, regardless of your belief systems. Matt Damon does an excellent job portraying the conflicted psychic who has trouble seeing the gift of helping others through the curse of having to bear the burden that comes with it. The young child, Marcus, and the French woman, Marie, are interesting counterpoints as those suffering with losses of very different kinds. However, the biggest failing in Hereafter is the inexplicably slow and lumbering pace at which it approaches the finish line. It seems as though the writer was more interested in setting up all the characters and their trials and tribulations than he was with writing any form of resolution for the characters as people. Thus, you are left feeling as though you watched a prequel without actually seeing the movie itself. And don’t get me started on the actual ending….trust me, if you haven’t decided on your feelings toward this movie before then, be prepared to hurl the Blu-Ray out the window to see if God himself can save the disc from being damaged (Spoiler Alert: he won’t.). Either way, this is truly a movie that falls into the description of  “for fans of the subject matter”…or Matt Damon fans, of course. Damn, can that guy act!

Serious Jest:  (Don’t Bother)  I think CraigMakk is so blinded by his love for Damon that he overrated this movie.  I will usually watch any film in which Damon stars, but this was the first time I was disappointed.  While I don’t agree with CraigMakk’s rating, I second almost everything else he wrote.  The acting is top-notch, but the movie is all slow, plodding setup and very little delivery.  The ending left me with theater blue balls.

“Fans of the subject matter” may like this film, but to me, it felt like I was watching an infomercial for a psychic hotline…an infomercial that “proves” its point solely with 3 testimonials.  Don’t get me wrong…I believe in life after death, and I’m not a total disbeliever of the possibility of psychic abilities…but the problem with this movie was that it waffled between trying to sell these points and using them as a backdrop for the real plot.  As a result, both were half-assed.  Too bad, because there were some moments of brilliance.  I especially liked the flood scene, and the scenes related to the cooking class.


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