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The Sandwich (2009)

11 mins

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Synopsis: At work for the moving company, Rick Rawley (Andrew Francis) would rather sit back and supervise, but when lunch time arrives, Rick can’t get up fast enough. When Rick discovers his beloved sandwich gone mysteriously missing, a full investigation is launched and anyone and everyone is suspect.

Director: Bill Lyle

Writer: Bill Lyle

Additional Stars: Vanessa Evancic  and Ryan Harris

Serious Jest:  (Free View)  This film was delightfully different.  Francis really sold it!  The anticipation as he’s getting ready to eat his sandwich made me hungry, and got me invested enough so that not only did I actually sympathize with him when it came up missing, but I was genuinely interested in discovering who took it!  This film is not a must-see, nor is it one that you’ll want to see more than once, but I still gave it 4 mugs because it was different from anything I’d seen in a while, Francis’s verbal and non-verbal performance was awesome, and, quite simply, it put a big smile on my face–something about this film struck a chord with me and I was very glad I watched it.

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