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Imtihan (1994)

(NR) 153 mins

Synopsis: A woman’s tragic past threatens to break up her marriage.

Directed by: Harry Baweja

Studio: BODVOD Networks

Serious Jest:  (Cruel & Unusual Punishment)  This is one of the worst films I’ve ever watched.  First, the whole film is about a spoiled young woman and the men that chase after her attentions (although, to be fair, by the end of the movie, I thought to myself that the actual story and plot twists weren’t bad, and if they were done differently, could have been the basis for a solid film).  I generally dislike musicals, and there is a heavy dose of those numbers, as well.  I was also extremely annoyed by the way that Vicky (played by Saif Ali Khan) makes his points, always assuming that something can mean only one of two things; it seems as if the filmmakers attempted to make him look smart with this technique, but it only makes him look like a smug douche bag, and it’s actually a logical fallacy (begging the question).  The movie makes feeble attempts at martial arts, too; but the “action” is so weak and fake that it’s ridiculous.  Top it all off with the fact that the film runs over 2 1/2 hours, and you’re in for a sucky viewing experience almost on par with Alex’s reprogramming sessions in A Clockwork Orange.


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