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The A-Team (2010)

(PG-13) 118 mins

Plot Summary: A group of Iraq War veterans looks to clear their name with the U.S. military, who suspect the four men of committing a crime for which they were framed.

Director: Joe Carnahan

Writers: Carnahan, Brian Bloom, Skip Woods, Frank Lupo (television series “The A-Team”), and Stephen J. Cannell (television series “The A-Team”)

Stars: Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper and Sharlto Copley

Serious Jest: (Don’t Bother)  This movie is a throwback to 90s action movies, but not in a good way…instead, I mean that not since the 90s have I seen a film play with the net down so blatantly. Some of the action sequences are downright ridiculous, and I haven’t seen a movie mangle the military justice system so badly since A Few Good Men (for example, people don’t get tried in a military court by 3 judges, standing side-by-side, with no lawyers, and then get their rank stripped immediately upon pronouncement of the sentence). The producers and director obviously didn’t get the memo that audiences are much more informed nowadays, and you have to actually research your subject matter before you make a movie about it. What a shame, too, because the concept of the A-Team is awesome, the dialogue was entertaining, and the cast gave some pretty great performances. I was pleasantly surprised at Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson‘s likeable-but-kickass performance as B.A. Baracus (looks like he’s got a successful 2nd career waiting for him), Patrick Wilson was great as a fast-talking jerk CIA agent, and while Jessica Biel‘s character was not especially unique or interesting, she always manages to bring her own brand of charisma and passion into her roles (oh yeah, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s really hot).

CraigMakk: (Worth Watching)  Every time I read one of Jest’s reviews, I am amazed with how he consistently forgets that movies are supposed to actually be entertaining and not based on reality. I mean, how else can he fault a movie based on the old TV show, A-Team, for not utilizing actual military court procedures? Did he ever see the show? And more importantly, WHO CARES?? It’s about a fake unit that is kicked out of the military, and then blah, blah, blah, things happen, and stuff ensues. I didn’t even know there was a reason they were kicked out, and I sure as hell don’t care what that reason is. In the end, there is a scene where a tank falls from the sky with people in it, and not only do they not shit themselves and die from fright, they actually engage in a firefight with their enemies! Greatest tank scene ever? I implore you to find a better one! I do agree with one thing he said: Patrick Wilson is an incredible douchebag in this movie. Oh, and I was very impressed with all of the A-Team cast’s reimagining for the new era of the classic roles from what is essentially a cheesy TV show that barely holds up with time. My biggest gripe is that this movie is more made for fans of the original show than it is a great story (forgot what happened already…somebody did something, and then a good guy is actually a bad guy, ending in a hand-to-hand combat face-off…super original!), so if you aren’t an A-Team fanboy, you can wait to catch this one on TV. But if you pity fools like I do, then this is a worthwhile rental.

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3 responses to “The A-Team (2010)

  1. CMrok93

    Consistently funny dialogue, pretty sharp direction by Joe Carnahan that keeps a good balance between “laid back” and “adrenaline rush”, and while I wouldn’t go so far as to take this as a full-out recommendation, it’s definitely one of the better guilty pleasures I’ve come across in recent memory.

  2. Again, there is a big difference between a movie that is not supposed to be realistic (i.e., science fiction or fantasy), or a movie with possible-but-improbable events–both of which I find acceptable–and a movie that plays with the net down or fails to do its research, which is just lazy, ignorant, a failure to take pride in your work, a lack of attention to detail, and/or insulting to the viewers…but, I guess doing a half-ass job is okay if you’re just interested in making money off of people who live in blissful ignorance, like CraigMakk. It’s ironic that he pities fools…

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