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Kiss of Death (1995)

(R) 101 mins

Synopsis: Ex-con Jimmy Kilmartin (David Caruso) wants to put a whole lot of distance between himself and his past. But when his cousin, Ronny (Michael Rapaport), shows up begging for help with one more heist, Jimmy agrees. Of course, things go sour (big surprise!), and Jimmy is the de facto fall guy. All he can do is play the pawn in a police plot to bring down a psychotic gangster named Little Junior (Nicolas Cage).

Additional Cast: Samuel L. JacksonHelen HuntKathryn ErbeStanley TucciVing RhamesPhilip Baker HallAnthony HealdAngel DavidJohn CostelloeAnne MearaLindsay J. WrinnMegan L. WrinnKatie Sagona

Director: Barbet Schroeder

Serious Jest:  (Must See)  Even after more than 15 years, this is a solid film, with a compelling plot, a suspenseful story, and a plethora of great actors bringing to life entertaining dialogue in a captivating script.  In fact, the characters played by Cage, Rapaport, Caruso, Jackson, Tucci, and Hunt are among my favorite roles in which I have seen those actors.   It is not the type of movie you watch again and again, but you should make the time to watch it once.


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