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Due Date (2010)

(R) 95 mins

Synopsis: Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis star in this winning comedy as a very unlikely duo on the road to Los Angeles. Full of the kind of humor that made Planes, Trains & Automobiles a hit, Peter (Downey) and Ethan (Galifianakis) must get to L.A. by deadline–the birth of Peter’s child by C-section–while dealing with the elements and each other on the road.

Director: Todd Phillips

Writers: Alan R. Cohen (screenplay & story), Alan Freedland(screenplay & story), Adam Sztykiel (screenplay), and Todd Phillips (screenplay)

Also Stars: Michelle Monaghan

Serious Jest:  (Free View)  This movie featured a great cast and awesome dialogue…what a shame to see it spoiled by needless, over-the-top, ridiculous “action” scenes (not the one with Danny McBride, though, because that was money…I’m mainly talking about the stunts involving automobiles).  Overall, though, you’ll get enough laughs, as well as pleasant surprises from cameos, to outweigh the number of times you say out loud to your screen, “Aww, c’mon!”


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