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Old School New School (2010)

33 mins

Watch it for free at IMDB via Snagfilms.

Synopsis: A personal question about how someone can realize his full creative potential leads an independent filmmaker across the United States in search of answers. His journey takes him into the lives and homes of some of today’s most accomplished and illuminating artists questioning artistic individuality, risk, and the definition of success.

Revealing conversations with actor Brian Cox, jazz legend McCoy Tyner, and many more working artists of all disciplines are woven together in this compelling exploration of the value and often surprisingly personal process of creativity.

Written and Directed by: Steven Fischer

Producers: Steven Fischer & Diane Leigh Davison

Directors of Photography: Chris Cassidy, Phil Rosensteel, & Scott Uhlfelder

Serious Jest:  (Time Filler)  I have to admit, I wanted to shut this documentary off for the first 3 minutes or so.  It’s very dry, with mundane (even dreary) settings, and Fischer’s voice and smug (or is it nerdy? or both? I can’t quite place it) affect just kind of annoy me.  Also, the only person interviewed that I immediately recognized was Cox.   However, the ultimate questions posed are excellent (although the ways that they are phrased are not always optimal), the responses were mostly insightful and interesting, and the credentials of those being interviewed are impressive.  I recommend this short film to anyone who is pursuing any kind of career in any aspect of entertainment…in fact, I recommend this for anyone who is at a crossroads in any career, and facing issues of defining and achieving success, as well as risk v. reward.  In short, this documentary is a chance to glean insight and wisdom from older, experienced, and accomplished people in various aspects of entertainment.  I wish Fischer had hired a more dynamic interviewer, or excluded an interviewer altogether by cutting from clip-to-clip of the different subjects.  In the end, however, the final product is worth the 33 minutes to watch it.  I was inspired.


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