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Impact (1949)

111 mins

Watch it for free at Internet Archive.

Synopsis: “Wealthy businessman survives attempt by wife to have him killed, makes it look like she succeeded and starts a new life in small town as auto mechanic. Variation on idea elevated to noir importance by The Killers (1946), where victim of femme fatale tries to abandon the city and his past identity.” – noir expert Spencer Selby

Director: Arthur Lubin

Writers: Dorothy Davenport (screenplay), Jay Dratler (screenplay & original story)

Stars: Brian DonlevyElla Raines and Charles Coburn

Serious Jest:  (Don’t Bother)  This movie was going for clever noir, and started off promisingly, but then it failed to tie up some of its own loose ends…especially when it started to wander into the area of Hollywood court, made by and for people who know just little enough about real courtrooms to completely butcher their depiction.  If you enjoy the Law & Order series, in which dramatic speeches and “gotcha moments” are more important to you than realism, you might like this film.  Other aspects of the film that annoyed me were how unrealistic Helen Walker‘s non-verbal acting was (it was obvious that she was cast primarily for her looks); and how the score constantly got “Orientalized” every time Anna May Wong got in front of the camera.  To me, this movie was mildly entertaining, but I would have rather spent my time elsewhere.


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