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Brown Sugar (2002)

(PG-13) 109 mins

Synopsis: Friends since childhood, a magazine editor (Sanaa Lathan) and a hip-hop record exec (Taye Diggs) stumble into romantic territory.

Director: Rick Famuyiwa

Writers: Michael Elliot (story & screenplay) and Rick Famuyiwa (screenplay)

Also Stars: Mos Def

Serious Jest:  (Rental) How much you like this film will directly correlate to how much you like hip-hop.  If you love hip-hop, you will thoroughly enjoy this movie.  If you dislike hip-hop, don’t bother watching it.  If you’re somewhere in-between, you’ll be somewhere in-between.  Featuring many 80s and 90s hip-hop icons, this film is, at its heart, a love story…not just romantic love, but also love of art (or whatever your passion is).  Sometimes life is as simple as recognizing and pursuing what you love most, no matter what the cost.  Along with The Best Man and Love & Basketball, this is one of the 3 films that first made every guy in America realize they want a girlfriend just like Lathan.  While this movie features great acting, dialogue, and music, the plot is not terribly creative or different from other romantic films of its era; it’s a solid example of the formula, however.

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