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Juggernaut (1936)

62 mins

Watch it for free at Internet Archive.

Synopsis: A woman tries to persuade a doctor (Boris Karloff), who needs funds for his research, to poison her rich husband.

Director: Henry Edwards

Serious Jest:  (Free View)  If the 1930s were anything like this movie suggests, then the Age of Moral Decay began a long time ago.  It’s got scandal, a mad scientist, a very creepy butler, deceit, murder, biting, syringes, a decrepit sugar daddy, a fat sugar momma…you name it.  Pretty amusing, if you have an hour to kill and are ready to laugh at these caricatures (although it’s not really a comedy, but when has that ever stopped us from laughing at a film, right?).  This is the first movie I’ve ever seen Karloff in, and he does a great job of making weird eyes, seeming scary, and being generally crotchety.  However, I’ve gotta say I think his butler in this film, Gibb McLaughlin, takes the cake on creepy…in fact he’s the original Creepy McCreepster (don’t bother looking that name up, I made it up a while back to describe a co-worker).  I laughed out loud a few times when he spoke (even though he’s never making a joke).

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