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Persons Unknown (1996)

(R) 99 mins

Watch it for free at IMDB via Hulu.

Synopsis: Former cop and current security expert Jim Holland’s one night stand with a hot roller-blading chick leads to a web of deception, robbery, drugs, and possible redemption.

Director: George Hickenlooper

Writer: Craig Smith

Stars: Joe MantegnaKelly Lynch and Naomi Watts

Serious Jest:  (Don’t Bother)  This movie is mediocre in all aspects, but it’s about naturally exciting subjects, so you won’t be totally bored watching it.  That being said, the action scenes and even dialogue are hokey enough at times to tip this film toward leaving you feeling that, while it wasn’t that bad, you probably should have spent the last hour and a half cleaning your place, after all.  Watts did a great job being endearing, though; there’s a nice shot of Lynch’s breasts in the beginning; and I’m a Jon Favreau fan, so I enjoyed seeing him play a hothead scumbag.  All in all, not a bad film to have on in the background while you’re cleaning the house and not really paying attention to it all the time, but don’t dedicate your time to it.


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