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The General (1926)

(UR) 107 mins

Watch it for free at IMDB via Hulu.

Synopsis: When Union spies steal an engineer’s beloved locomotive, he pursues it single-handedly and straight through enemy lines.

Directors: Clyde BruckmanBuster Keaton

Writers: Buster Keaton (written by), Clyde Bruckman (written by), Al Boasberg (adaptation), Charles Henry Smith (adaptation) (as Charles Smith), William Pittenger (book “Daring and Suffering: a History of the Great Railroad Adventure”; memoir “The Great Locomotive Chase”) (uncredited), Paul Girard Smith (uncredited)

Stars: Buster KeatonMarion Mack and Glen Cavender

Serious Jest:  (Worth Watching)  I almost gave this one 2 mugs because I thought it ran a little longer than it needed to, it is a black-and-white silent film, and the protagonist was fighting for the Confederacy.  However, as a military man, I had to appreciate the military humor.  Plus, Keaton was a hell of an athlete, the story is unique, and I have to admit that the movie was entertaining.  This one is worth the time to watch, if you’re bored; since it’s silent, you can even listen to the Live from the ManCave podcast while watching…then it’d be awesome.

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