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For Love of the Game (1999)

(PG-13) 137 mins

Synopsis: A washed up pitcher flashes through his career.

Director: Sam Raimi

Writers: Michael Shaara (novel), Dana Stevens (screenplay)

Stars: Kevin CostnerKelly Preston and John C. Reilly

Serious Jest:  (Free View)  I played baseball all the way into my freshman year of college.  And there is a woman in my life that I met all the way back in college who I thought always had a piece of my heart, but for the longest time, we have both done foolish things (or foolishly failed to do important things) that have kept us from living happily ever after…and now I realize that she has my whole heart.  For both of these reasons, I almost rated this film as a 4-mug must-see…I can relate to it.  Also, I am a Reilly fan, and will pretty much watch anything he’s in (he shines in a serious role this time).  This movie does a great job of illustrating the importance of timing, communication, and just plain luck in relationships…it is also about priorities, seizing the things in life that make you most happy, and making your own luck by fighting through any obstacles that stand in your way.  Because some of the scenes and script are corny, however, I could not, in good conscience, call this one a Rental…but it’s a very full 3 mugs–unless, of course, you hate baseball, and have never been in love.


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