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Arthur (2011)

(PG-13) 111 mins

Synopsis: Love threatens to come between a drunken playboy and his millions in this remake of the 1981 favorite.  Russell Brand stars as the irascible Arthur whose proclivity for hedonistic haplessness lands him in hot water with his nanny (Helen Mirren) and prompts his mother (Geraldine James) to issue an ultimatum–marry a high-society queen (Jennifer Garner) or lose his inheritance–just as he falls for a sweet working-class girl (Greta Gerwig).

Music by: Theodore Shapiro

Serious Jest:  (Don’t Bother)  I loved Brand as Aldous Snow in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek.  However, with a mostly-unfunny script (I have to admit there were a few witty quips that made me laugh, though), his loveable aloofness just became…idiotic and annoying.  What a shame, since the cast was talented, and did the best they could with the lines they were given.  In particular, I’ve got to say that I initially did not find Gerwig’s looks to be right for the leading lady (of course, she wasn’t helped by the silly outfits she wore), but she delivered such a sweet, genuine performance, that by the end she had won me over.  Another thing that this movie did well was incorporate New York City; specifically, its use of Grand Central Station and the Whisper Wall was pretty cool.  The film even became kind of endearing in its second half, and almost got 3 mugs from me…but ultimately, it wasn’t good enough as a romantic drama to make up for its failure as a funny comedy.  At almost 2 hours long, though, maybe better editing could have filtered out some of the comedic sludge and improved its gut-busters-to-stomach-turners-ratio.


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