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The Mystery of the Mary Celeste aka Phantom Ship (1935)

Phantom Ship

(Approved) 80 mins

Watch it for free at IMDB.

Synopsis: During a horrific storm at sea, the crew realizes that there is a murderer among them who is killing them off one by one.

Director: Denison Clift

Writers: Denison Clift (story), Charles Larkworthy (scenario)

Stars: Bela Lugosi, Shirley Grey and Arthur Margetson

Serious Jest:  (Don’t Bother)  This is an Agatha Christie-style story, without the Agatha Christie talent.  The actors performed capably, but the story and script were just way too predictable and unimaginative.  Furthermore, there generally wasn’t enough character development to make you care about the victims.  Although I figured out who the killer was pretty early, I didn’t care.

One scene in this film especially caught my attention, though.  In the beginning of the film, Margetson’s character explains to his good friend that he’s fallen in love with the same girl, and plans to marry her, even if it costs him their friendship.  He handles the situation directly and lays it all out there, not pulling any punches.  It made me think how much better it is to handle things that way…

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