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Exporting Raymond (2011)

(PG) 85 mins

Plot Summary: A documentary on Phil Rosenthal’s experiences during the making of “Voroniny,” the Russian-language version of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Director & Writer: Philip Rosenthal

Stars: Stanislav DuzhnikovAnna Frolovtseva and Boris Klyuev

Serious Jest:  (Worth Watching)  I was married to a miserable, pessimistic, angry, and abusive woman, so watching Debra yell at Ray, whether or not he “deserved it,” brought back too many unpleasant memories for me to enjoy Everybody Loves Raymond anymore. However, I did recognize its impressive comedic wit and acting.  Watching Rosenthal try to work with “Russian Hollywood” to bring this style of comedy to Russian audiences was extremely interesting.  I found Rosenthal to be pleasant and charismatic, although not incredibly funny (in this film, I mean); some of the other people featured in this documentary, however, are hilarious…especially Rosenthal’s parents–one particular scene involving them and Skype had me marveling at how truth really is often stranger and funnier than fiction.  All of that being said, this film is more fascinating than funny; and worth watching, but not a must-see.


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