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Page 36 (2012)

(TV-14) 20 mins

Plot Summary: Roman Wilson is a two time felon recently released from prison. Faced with no positive prospects for employment and a terminally ill child, he is recruited by a company that promises immediate wealth and a new way of life for his family languishing in poverty, but at what cost?

Director: Nelsan Ellis

Writers: Ellis (story & script) and Andre McGee (script)

Stars: Jude AnchangDesmond Billups and Kevin Daniels

Serious Jest:  (Must See)  Ellis has impressed me as an actor on True Blood, and in his first project behind the camera, he continues to excel.  Some short films are meant to garner interest for a studio to pick up and develop into a feature-length movie.  I hope that this is one of them.  The plot is daring, unique, intriguing, and compelling.  The camera work and soundtrack nicely complement the solid acting.  The two standouts amongst this talented cast are (1) Roger Guenveur Smith, who, as usual, is delightfully eccentric, refined, and cutthroat, all at once; and (2)  Sidney Poitier‘s fine daughter, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, who conveys an outstanding blend of somberness and compassion, covered in elegance.  This film adequately conveys its point in 20 minutes, leaving the viewers to ponder the harsh issues in its wake (first and foremost, “What would you do?”), while wishing the story would continue.  On the downside, character development is essential to the plot, and suffers a bit due to the time constraint.  Additionally, on, there are some timing issues between the audio and video at some points in the film that I hope are site-related, rather than flaws in the actual production of the movie.


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