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Rampage (2009)

(R) 85 mins

Synopsis: A man with a thirst for revenge builds a full body armor from Kevlar and goes on a killing spree.

Director: Uwe Boll

Writers: Uwe Boll

Stars: Brendan Fletcher, Shaun Sipos, Matt Frewer, & Lynda Boyd

Best Boy Grip: Stephan Burianyk

CraigMakk: (Worth Watching)  If you came to this review looking for my typical witty comments or general sarcastic humor, I am sad to inform you that this one will include neither. To be fair, I am just as confused and surprised by this fact as you are. First off, Uwe Boll is not simply known for making bad movies, but more accurately for making horrendous movies, most often of the video game variety (see Postal, In the Name of the King, Alone in the Dark, and all other worst video game movies of all time). So you can imagine my dismay when a movie with a reasonably interesting premise began and I saw Mr. Boll’s name flash on the screen. “Well, there goes another wasted evening,” thought Mr. Makk.

And then the movie began.

Let’s not get crazy here, this isn’t a great movie by any stretch. But that fact that it is good in any conceivable way (did I yet mention Uwe Boll directed it?) is astounding. The premise of a young man, bitter and angry with what he perceives to be a failing society, driven to commit unspeakable crimes against innocent bystanders, is one that will mesmerize you almost immediately. Brendan Fletcher is terrifying as the murderous Bill Williamson, who seems to be playing a grown up version of his teen bully character from  “Heart of America” (also directed by Uwe Boll…anyone see a trend here?). Most of the dialogue is improvised, and Brendan is generally top-notch at this, but his parents (most notably his mom) are horrendous, leading to some unintentionally hilarious scenes (another trademark of Mr. Boll’s films).

I am an action movie buff, and scenes of gratuitous violence are right in my wheelhouse. However, this movie actually made me feel quite uncomfortable in many places. Watching a serial killer take out passersby on the street in “Grand Theft Auto“-style is uncomfortable at best, and downright cringe-worthy at worst. Even more telling, we see the movie from Bill’s point of view, making the viewer take a closer look at their own views on society at large.

While this movie stumbles in many ways, including every chance to give a deeper meaning behind Bill’s rampage rather than a simple breakdown (see Michael Douglas’ “Falling Down“), Uwe Boll finally did something I never expected: make a movie that I don’t hate. Making me uncomfortable while watching it is just par for the course for him. I just never thought it would be due to the subject matter, and not simply because it was just an awful, awful movie. Way to go, Uwe Boll! Do I hear an Oscar around the corner? (SPOILER ALERT: No. No I don’t.)

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