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The Puffy Chair (2005)

(R) 85 mins

Watch it for free at Hulu via IMDB.

Synopsis: Josh Sagers drives cross-country on a mission to deliver his father’s birthday gift – a giant purple LazyBoy.

Director: Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass (uncredited)

Writers: Mark Duplass & Jay Duplass

Stars: Mark DuplassKatie Aselton & Rhett Wilkins

Serious Jest: (Worth Watching)  When keepin’ it real goes wrong…this is actually a great film, from an artistic perspective.  The acting is top-notch (I’ve liked Mark Duplass & Katie Aselton since The League, but I gotta say I didn’t know they had this level of dramatic acting proficiency in them), the dialogue is extremely realistic, and its depiction of human relationships is insightful.  However, it gets pretty dark, and I didn’t relate to the characters that well (except, in some ways, Josh, because he’s a problem solver & leader, and while he’s not above blame, I saw his side most of all).  I almost gave this one 2 mugs, because I didn’t like the way I felt afterwards (remember, the ManCave Rating System is based on overall entertainment value, rather than pure artistic merit)…I’ve encountered enough of this movie’s situations in real life to not want to watch others go through it on screen.  That being said, I respect the message, it’s an awesome conversation starter, and a really a good little independent gem…just save it for one day when you’re pissed at people in general, and you want to embrace that disdain.  You also might want to think twice about watching it with your significant other…it could start a fight.  I don’t want to spoil this movie further here, but if you do watch it, I encourage you to drop a comment below and get the debate started…just make sure to warn us before you drop a *SPOILER*.


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