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Operacion Sodoma: la caida del Mono Jojoy (2011)

(PG-13) 44 mins

Watch it for free at Hulu via IMDB!

Plot Summary: This documentary narrates every second of one of the boldest special operations missions in the last ten years.

Director: Jaime Escallon-Buraglia

Serious Jest:  (Must See)  I’m sorry, my non-Spanish speakers, but this gem  is completely in Spanish.  It is distributed by Discovery Latin America/Iberia, though, so I hope that there’s an English version released in the future.  The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC) held as much as 40% of Columbia’s territory (mostly jungle and mountainous areas) at one point, expelling and repelling Columbia’s military and police.

FARC employs the drug trade, robbery, kidnapping, and preteen soldiers as heinous means to its professed noble ends of protecting the poor, agrarian class against wealthy imperialists.  A debate exists among nations as to whether FARC is actually a terrorist organization (this is the position of the United States, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, and the European Union), or a legitimate army (Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, and Brazil support this view).  This film does not focus on any of that.

Instead, it zeroes in on what it took for Columbia to hunt down FARC’s incredibly elusive leader…and this guy wasn’t hiding in a cave somewhere across the world…he was operating openly within Columbia’s borders!  Forget the politics for a second.  From a military standpoint, this was fascinating.

If you don’t speak Spanish, get one of your Spanish-speaking friends to narrate for you a bit.  It wouldn’t take much…the footage is pretty awesome.  Or leave a comment on Discovery en Espanol’s Operacion Sodoma page asking them to distribute it in English.

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