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Tirofijo Ha Muerto (2010)

51 mins

Watch it for free at Hulu.

Studio: Imagina US

Plot Summary: Tirofijo was a legend…he was said to have died hundreds of times.  In 1964, his Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC) was born amidst attempts by the Columbian government to crush his rural army.  Since then, politicians and the military alike have hunted him.  With every “death,” Tirofijo got stronger.  Others tried to negotiate peace, but war kept recurring.  Influenced by Marxism and justified by rampant inequality in Columbia, Tirofijo survived 14 presidents.  Along the way, his army, financed by extortion and the drug trade, grew to 20,000 combatants.  In May 2008, without having consummated his revolution, he died of old age.

Serious Jest:  (Worth Watching)  In case you haven’t read my reviews of El Rescate Perfecto and Operacion Sodoma: La Caida del Mono Jojoy, I am fascinated by the Columbian government’s conflict with FARC.  This documentary traces FARC’s roots, rise, and recent losses, with a focus on its infamous co-founder.  Unfortunately for my non-Spanish speakers, this film is completely in Spanish, with no subtitles.  For my Spanish speakers, this documentary contains an overwhelming amount of information, but it covers ground fast, and remains interesting throughout.


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