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Community (2009-Present)


Plot Summary: A smarmy lawyer, whose education is deemed void by the bar, is forced to attend a local community college with an extremely eclectic staff and student body.

Creator: Dan Harmon

Stars: Joel McHaleDanny Pudi and Donald Glover

Serious Jest:  (Watch it Live)  This is my favorite comedy on TV.  As its plot summary indicates, the show originally seemed to be built around McHale, with Chevy Chase adding legitimacy to the supporting cast.  However, the supporting cast quickly proved to be amazing (including Ken Jeong, who skyrocketed to fame in The Hangover), and the writing expanded to showcase more of the fascinating characters.  Nowadays, it’s hard to tell who the lead is…and I am constantly delighted by the creativity, unique spins, and pop culture references.  Season 2 is my favorite by far, but it’s best to watch this show from Season 1, Episode 1, to really appreciate its development and the many comedic call-backs it keeps building.

CraigMakk:  (Watch it Live)  It is well-documented on our podcast that I love this show. While the original premise makes it seem hokey (it was) and uninteresting (sometimes it was as well), the show really came into its own once show-creator extraordinaire Dan Harmon was able to infuse the show with it’s own personal sense of humor and irreverence. As most people suggest, I believe the show really takes off  once it begins lampooning popular culture (the “Modern Warfare” episode is one of the first in this direction). If nothing else, you will end up wanting NBC to start their comedy block with a brand new spin-off entitled “Troy & Abed in the Moooooorning!!!” And beware season four, which is slated to begin this fall but without  Dan Harmon, who was unceremoniously fired….NBC sucks. Please let them know what you think, and feel free to use this form letter.

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