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I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

(R) 101 mins

Plot Summary: Four teens are in great danger one year after their car hits a stranger whose body they dump in the sea.

Director: Jim Gillespie

Writers: Lois Duncan (novel), Kevin Williamson (screenplay)

Stars: Jennifer Love HewittSarah Michelle GellarAnne HecheRyan Phillippe

Serious Jest:  (Worth Watching)  Hewitt, Gellar, Hech, Phillippe, Freddie Prinze Jr.Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, and Johnny Galecki show you how entertaining a great cast can make a decent slasher script.  Gellar and Phillippe were so good together, they were reunited two years later in another classic, Cruel Intentions.

This film’s general concept is cool, and I appreciate the unexpected resolution of some of the scenes, but too many of the other scenes are run-of-the-mill, some of the stunts are hokey, and some of the dialogue is cheesy.  Still, I’m a fan of this cast and the hook-man urban legend, so I consider this flick a slasher classic.  Your life won’t be incomplete if you never see this movie, but it’s worth watching if you ever stumble across it.

On a final note, if you’re trying to get your squeamish girlfriend to watch a horror film with you, this movie is a great set of training wheels.  It is one of the mildest slasher flicks I’ve seen.  I’m actually surprised it got an R rating.

CraigMakk: (Worth Watching) Okay, so bear with me here for a minute, I’ll get to my point eventually. This is a by-the-numbers horror movie in every conceivable way. There’s a: 1) secret of unmanageable shame, 2) person who wants revenge for said secret, 3) bunch of supposedly gory kills committed against those deemed responsible, and 4) a group of dumb teenagers who are literally begging to be killed. Honestly, I’d kill at least two of them just for the stupid things they say and do in the face of an unstoppable killer who is hunting them and picking them off one by one.

That all being said, this movie goes out of it’s way to prominently feature Sarah Michelle Gellar’s boobs. Keep in mind, this is 1997, so SMG is in the prime of her hotness (as noted by the Guiness Book of World Records for “Best Hooters of 1996-1997”)  And while she may not get completely naked, they find ways to show her milk bombs anyway (i.e. wet t-shirts, etc). And that makes every movie better in my boob…I mean book. That was a typo. And since I’m typing this on a computer, I could’ve corrected it. But I thought it really drove home my point, so I left it in there. Long story short, her phenomenal funbags make a two mug movie a clear three. So, if you like movies with almost-bare bazookas, check this movie out. And if you can think of a way I could’ve worked in the slang term for breasts “wopbopaloobops” without sounding too contrived, you are a better person than I am..

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