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Eastbound & Down (2009-Present)


Plot Summary: Years after he turned his back on his hometown, a burned-out major-league ball player returns to teach phys ed at his old middle school.

Creators: Ben BestDanny McBrideJody Hill

Stars: Danny McBrideSteve Little and Elizabeth De Razzo

Serious Jest:  (Queue It)  Kenny Powers (who appears to be based on John Rocker) is such a selfish lowlife that I often found myself hating him…still you can’t help but enjoy watching McBride in full A-hole mode, crashing and burning in pure rock-star fashion, and leading an awesome supporting cast, including the wonderfully curvy and sexy Katy Mixon.  Season 3 is not as funny as the first two (although there are still some very funny episodes), but you need to watch this series for its pure pop-culture value…I guarantee it won’t be long before you’re yelling “You’re f**king out!” at random people.

CraigMakk:  (Queue It) I can not agree with my good friend and co-host, Mr, Jest, more when I say that if you aren’t already watching “E&D,” then the terrorists have already won. I only say that because I read somewhere that terrorists were attempting  to have “E&D” removed from the air as a way to subvert American culture and destroy what makes us truly great. I’m not actually sure if that is true, but it’s probably a good idea to support this show now just on the off-chance that it is. Anyway, back to the review…my biggest separation from Jest is that I never hate Kenny Powers. That is some blasphemous shit if I ever heard it. He is a man that we should all aspire to be like: a man who knows he is better than everyone else alive on the planet, even when all those people don’t agree; a man who feels no fear about telling you that you suck compared to him; and most importantly, a man who knows that good string of curse words makes your point far more impactful than a well thought-out argument ever will. So in the spirit of Kenny Powers, my last argument to watch this show is only this: if you don’t like Kenny Powers, you’re a fucking nerd.

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