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The Longest Yard (2005)

(PG-13) 113 mins

Plot Summary: Prison inmates form a football team to challenge the prison guards.

Director: Peter Segal

Writers: Albert S. Ruddy (story), Tracy Keenan Wynn (1974 screenplay), Sheldon Turner (screenplay)

Stars: Adam SandlerBurt Reynolds and Chris Rock

Serious Jest:  (Worth Watching)  Don’t get it twisted.  I’m not saying that this is a good movie.  It’s not especially creative, and the dialogue is mediocre.  But it’s a football movie, and I’m a sucker for football.  I’m so happy football season is back.  Go Giants!  Go Hurricanes! Go Check Out My WebCam Newton (my fantasy team)!  As far as I’m concerned, you have to try really hard to make an unwatchable football movie.  Hell, even Little Giants held my attention.

You’ll get a few chuckles out of this one, but not many actual LOLs.  More importantly, though, you’ll see some cool football plays executed by Michael Irvin (who delivered a surprisingly-good acting performance), Nelly (who is actually an awesome athlete; I’ve seen him hang with pros in MTV Rock ‘n Jock face-offs), Bill Goldberg, Terry CrewsBill RomanowskiSteve Austin, and Brian Bosworth, with motivating background music, and ESPN “Swami” Chris Berman commentating.  Given the amount of sports personalities and notable actors in this movie, it was underwhelming, and it’s nowhere near as good as The Waterboy.  Still, if this movie’s on, it will hold your attention.  Go Mean Machine!


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