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The Newsroom (2012-Present)


Plot Summary: A news anchor has found a safe niche with his cable show, “News Night”, but his life is stirred up when he is forced to work with a new team of colleagues.

Creator: Aaron Sorkin

Stars: Jeff DanielsEmily Mortimer and John Gallagher Jr.

Serious Jest:  (Watch it Live)  Before this show, I saw Daniels as a great supporting actor.  Right from the first scene of the first episode of this series, though, I saw a full-fledged leading man.  This show’s sharp topic choices, precisely-timed clips of real news broadcasts, and brilliant script will grab and hook you right away.  The entire cast is solid, and while everyone has their particularly impressive moments,  Sam Waterston and Olivia Munn are especially great in the best roles I’ve ever seen them play.

My only criticism is that the show sometimes over-dramatizes the importance of journalists in certain events.  The tension in the way that these people scramble around during military operations is completely appropriate, but I can’t help thinking that what’s at stake sometimes is a delay of a few minutes in reporting an event…they’re not actually fighting a battle.  In any case, the series seems to be an accurate reflection of the level of importance that serious journalists assign to their jobs.  One episode involving a plane even attacks this issue head-on.

In sum, HBO has done it again.  I am eagerly awaiting the next season and will catch each new episode live every chance I get.


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