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Charlie Bartlett (2007)

(R) 97 mins

Plot Summary: This comedy follows the exploits of Charlie Bartlett, a miserable high school student who finds a novel way to fit in with his classmates: by pretending to be the school psychiatrist, dispensing advice and the occasional prescription medicine.

Cast: Anton YelchinRobert Downey Jr.Hope DavisKat DenningsTyler HiltonMegan ParkJonathan MalenJake EpsteinLauren CollinsDavid Brown

Director: Jon Poll

Serious Jest:  (Worth Watching) This film won me over by the end because of the terrific supporting acting by Downey, Davis, Dennings (she totally delivers The Girlfriend Experience–see my review of The Dilemma for an explanation, as applied to Jennifer Connelly–and has an amazing, healthy set of sweater puppets!), and Hilton.  It probably hurt my enjoyment that I expected a comedy, when this film is better classified as a coming-of-age drama that includes comedy (like Adventureland).  The script was clearly designed to showcase Yelchin’s talent and range, and he undoubtedly has both, but he just doesn’t seem to possess leading-actor charisma.  I would like to see him in some future supporting roles, however.

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