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Van Wilder: Freshman Year (2009)

(UR) 100 mins

Plot Summary: This prequel to National Lampoon’s cult hit Van Wilder takes us to the beginning of young Van’s college career and reveals how the charismatic slacker became the indomitable party animal we’ve come to know and love.

Director: Harvey Glazer

Cast: Jonathan BennettKristin CavallariKurt FullerSteve TalleyNestor Aaron AbseraNic Nac

Serious Jest:  (Don’t Bother)  This movie tries to follow the format of the original film.  Thus, there are T&A galore, raunchy humor, bizarre characters, and wild parties.  Bennett even kind of looks like Ryan Reynolds.

But generally, this flick doesn’t do it as good as the original.  Some of the jokes are kind of funny, but most are tepid or even complete knockoffs of  old jokes I’ve heard before.  While the original used eccentric characters and outlandish situations as springboards for humor, this one just goes deep into Bizzaro World (a college run by its ROTC director, who has posted “No Partying” and “No Kissing” signs, and can involuntarily enroll students in ROTC?).

Bennett decently mimicked Reynolds, but he didn’t have the same charisma.  Cavallari was charismatic, though, and I liked her as the love interest.  Meredith Giangrande was downright sexy as forbidden-fruit Eve.

If you love being grossed out, this film ups the ante from the first one on the disgusting factor, although that’s not particularly my thing.  I do have to say, however, that the soft-porn aspects of this film are better than the original.  There are scenes involving girls with vibrators, and a sex-ed class that illustrates intriguing positions (although with clothes on, but still), which may almost make you forget you’re watching a comedy.


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