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What is The Girlfriend Experience?

We use this term so much in our film/series reviews, as well as on our podcast, that we got tired of explaining it for the newcomers.  So, we figured we’d create this short post to define it and just refer you here next time we use it.

The Girlfriend Experience, as applied to films or series, is when an actress is so convincing as a wife, girlfriend, love interest, etc., that she almost makes us fall in love with her…when she makes us feel like we know her…like she’s bared her soul to the camera, and we’ve caught a small glimpse of what it would be like to have this woman love us.  This is beyond being hot or making us want to bang her.  This is the complete package.  Examples are Emily Blunt in The WolfmanSanaa Lathan in Brown SugarAllison Miller in Kings, and Jennifer Connelly in The Dilemma.  The term is obviously an homage to the term used by escorts who deliver more than just sex (not to imply that actresses are whores).


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