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Ali G Indahouse (2002)

(R) 83 mins

Plot Summary: Ali G unwittingly becomes a pawn in the evil Chancellor’s plot to overthrow the Prime Minister of Great Britain. However, instead of bringing the Prime Minister down, Ali is embraced by the nation as the voice of youth and “realness,” making the Prime Minister and his government more popular than ever.

Director: Mark Mylod

Writers: Sacha Baron CohenDan Mazer

Stars: Baron CohenEmilio Rivera and Gina La Piana

Serious Jest:  (Don’t Bother)  I like Baron Cohen and Da Ali G Show, but I was unimpressed with this movie.  Baron Cohen is at his best with extemporaneous roles juxtaposed against unsuspecting foils/victims; instead, this film is poorly-scripted, and relies too much on stupidity and disgusting antics,  with not enough wit.  I did enjoy the soundtrack, though.

In contrast, Malibu’s Most Wanted was silly, but clever.  Watch that instead.

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