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Reaper (2007-2009)


Plot Summary: Slacker Sam is horrified to learn that before he was born, his parents sold his soul to the Devil, who comes calling now that Sam is 21. Aided by his bumbling buddies, Sock and Ben, Sam tries to earn his freedom by returning escaped souls to hell.

Creators: Michele FazekasTara Butters

Cast: Bret HarrisonTyler LabineRick GonzalezMissy PeregrymAndrew AirlieRay Wise

Serious Jest:  (Casual Watch)  This show’s concept is awesome! Harrison plays the Devil’s bounty hunter, with unique missions and tools every show, and an over-arching plot to reclaim his soul over the span of the series.  The dialogue, especially between Harrison, Labine, and Gonzalez, is very natural and funny.  Wise was a great choice for the role of the Devil.  Unfortunately, it’s a CW show, so the “action” scenes and effects are often cheesy, but the clever writing and charismatic cast really makes the series enjoyable.  I can only imagine how incredible this show could have been had it been picked up by HBO or AMC.

I was disappointed that the series was cancelled after 2 seasons, but straight up pissed that it ended on a cliffhanger.  While you’ll never get closure, it’s still worth watching episodes casually for the clever dialogue and individual episode plots.


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