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Battle Royale II (2003)

(NR) 134 mins

(NR) 134 mins

Plot Summary: Three years after the failure of the last BR program, a second act is forged and a class of students are sent to an island with one objective: kill international terrorist Shuya Nanahara.

Directors: Kenta Fukasaku, Kinji Fukasaku

Writers: Kenta Fukasaku, Norio KidaKoushun Takami (characters)

Stars: Tatsuya Fujiwara, Ai Maeda, Shûgo Oshinari

Serious Jest: animated beer mug 25% (transparent bkgrd)animated beer mug 25% (transparent bkgrd) (Don’t Bother)  It’s as if this movie was written by a child: a plot by the World’s adults to get the World’s kids to kill each other; the ease with which anybody can pick up an assault rifle with a grenade-launcher attachment and instantly know how to operate it like a trained pro; the melodramatic speeches against The Man; and the awkward romantic moments inappropriately scattered throughout non-stop violent war.  The action is consistent, though, and Fujiwara does a great job of playing a very different role, now that his character has done a 180 after years on the run with insurgents.  Still, unless you’re a child, or the novelty of 9th-graders murdering each other is enough to get you geeked about this flick–and then you’ve got other issues, freak–hold off until the next installment of The Hunger Games.


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