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Hello Ladies (2013-Present)



Plot Summary: A gawky Englishman comes to Los Angeles to find the woman of his dreams.

Creators: Lee EisenbergStephen MerchantGene Stupnitsky

Stars: Stephen MerchantChristine WoodsNate Torrence

Serious Jest: animated beer mug 25% (transparent bkgrd)animated beer mug 25% (transparent bkgrd) (White Noise)  3 episodes in, and I’ve already decided this show is not worth my time to watch with any kind of regularity or dedicated attention.  Don’t get me wrong: it pokes fun at Los Angeles in a moderately-clever way (some of the jokes have been done before over and over, though), and the acting is strong.  Woods and Torrence are charismatic, even if in a sort-of pathetic (because of their characters) way; Kevin Weisman is awesome as a wheelchair-bound player whose confidence and wit far outshine his disability; and Merchant is so good at being a selfish, desperate, pathetic jerk that he really irritates me.  It’s just that I don’t find the pretentiousness of L.A. that interesting (other than to quickly agree that the stereotypical behavior of its denizens is wack and move on), and Merchant does such a good job of making me despise him that I don’t want to regularly watch a whole show in which I’m consistently annoyed.  At most, I might flip this on in the future and keep it in the background while I’m doing other things.

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