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Bronson (2008)

(R) 92mins

(R) 92mins

Plot Summary: Nicolas Winding Refn‘s vivid and unflinching biopic delves into the life of Britain’s most notorious prisoner, Charlie Bronson — who’s been jailed for nearly 35 years — and attempts to dissect the real man behind the deranged persona.

Cast: Tom Hardy, Matt King, James Lance, Kelly Adams, Amanda Burton, Katy Barker

Serious Jest: animated beer mug 25% (transparent bkgrd)animated beer mug 25% (transparent bkgrd)animated beer mug 25% (transparent bkgrd) (Worth Watching)  A creative, artistic, and interesting way to tell Bronson’s story.  The soundtrack and camera work very-appropriately compliment the tone and pace of the film.

I am not that interested in the movie’s subject matter, as Bronson appears to be a truly ridiculous manchild who perhaps could have found a better place in this world (and maybe even more happiness) as an MMA fighter or military man, were it not for a willfully uncontrolled mean streak (not a lack of discipline, though, as he seems to be able to focus and dedicate his energies to what he actually sets his sights upon).  So, in that sense, the film leaves me annoyed at its protagonist…but never bored.  This flick is like the first half of A Clockwork Orange, but without the rape.

Also, I am even more convinced that Hardy is one of the best actors of our time.  His performance is nothing short of masterful.  According to IMDB, Refn was not allowed to meet Bronson in person since Refn is not from Britain, but was allowed to have two phone calls with him.  Hardy, however, met with Bronson several times, and the two became good friends (although another IMDB post says they only met on two occasions).  Bronson was impressed with how Hardy managed to get just as muscular as he was and how well he could mimic his own personality and voice.  Bronson has stated that he believes Hardy was the only person who could play him.  “Ladies, and gentlemen in ladies’ attire,” if you want to see Hardy’s dick, here’s your chance.  It seems that Bronson loves to fight naked and greased up.  Fellas, you can admire that bad-ass moustache, which, also according to IMDB, was actually Bronson’s moustache that he shaved off so that it could be made into a loose-moustache for Hardy to wear.

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